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Versant du Lynx
hors-piste: Le Lynx

Want to ski off the beaten path? Mont Grand-Fonds offers 8 hectares of clearings, natural trails and a new slope so you can discover the five breathtaking forests that span across the mountain’s northwest side. Is there anything better than shredding through fresh snow after a snowfall? 

Minimum users

How to get there?

Ce secteur est accessible par la remontée mécanique ou en utilisant La Paddy ou La Trappeur, les sentiers d'ascension pour la montée en peau de phoque.


Tickets are available online


  • Ski or snowboard in groups of 3 or more

  • Wear a ski helmet and goggles

  • Avoir un cellulaire (Station 418 665-0095) pour joindre des secours rapidement en cas d’urgence

  • Be accompanied by an adult if you are under 16

  • Inform a family member or a friend of your presence in this area

  • Never ascend a ski slope

  • Expect a distance of 400 m on foot to return to the main lodge

  • Respect the cross-country ski trails and users

  • Stay safe and in control when you ski/snowboard

  • You must have a valid day pass to access the Lynx

Versant du Lynx
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