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A hidden Charlevoix gem...

This year Mother Nature decided to stretch her vacations and take her time before opening her "snow" file. Indeed, if we compare to last year, the months of November and December were not very snowy, even a bit sad. But what can you do but wait for this great lady to spur into action? We crossed our fingers and we hoped for tons of storms!

Every year it's the same thing: the skiers and the resort team can't wait to see the slopes get white and we are dying to hustle down! Ah the passion for skiing! It cannot be explained! And suddenly, it happens and winter begins for good!

So this year we will remember the weekend of January 11, 2020. Oh yes! While it was raining and hailing all over Quebec and disappointment was showing on the faces of skiers, here it was snowing as we were dancing with joy! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come on over! This is where it happens! Snow, more snow, tons of snow! The reckless came from far away and braved the storm to reach us in search of pleasure and powder at will. They have nothing to regret and will come back. Yes! New adepts of our mountain.

In these conditions, our small resort team can show off their skill. And pride. It’s a reward, thanks to the hard work of the mountain team (thanks to Captain Parker) and the other departments. A little voice inside each of us that says "There is real magic here,that cannot be explained." Yes, we can say: the very best conditions all over Quebec were HERE during the weekend. And it’s often like that. Mont Grand-Fonds deserves to be discovered, and Mother Nature gave us a little help this time. Don't be shy Madame. Come back anytime! And you skiers, hop on the road and come and enjoy the magic with us.

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Enjoy your spring break! Enjoy Charlevoix!

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