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Want some snow? We got what you need!

Hello, is it snow you're looking for? Cause we've got it! Mother Nature is in great shape this year. She has already offered us 463 cm of snow since the start of the season. Something to cheer athletes on! ski alpin, du Cross-country skiing et de la Snowshoeing. The customers all agree that the conditions are magnificent and that the station deserves to be known more!

And what about the Lynx sector, the sector du Lynx, which comes straight out of a dream with all this powder. Few know it, it is a real hidden treasure ... a pleasure gold mine for skiers. Of course the sector is not for everyone, you have to be experienced and a little reckless to venture there, but once in this section of the mountain, you can only say: WOW! Here, you do not look for powder, you get lost in it!

For those who prefer the groomed slopes, no problem, you will be beautifully served. And for mogul lovers, we have what you need.

Real winter is here!

Party de fin de saison au Mont Grand-Fonds
Skiers are delighted with the amount of natural snow!
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